June 2022 | St. Anthony

On June 13 we honor St. Anthony in a special way and thank him for his many intercessions in our needs.

Saint Anthony Prayer for A Miracle to Happen to Someone Else

Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to be. Today, patron Saint, this prayer is not for me, but for someone else. Someone who has been struggling, someone who deserves enlightenment and joy. They are good people, faithful and kind, and have always been there in my time of need.

Now they find themselves in a position where my powers of guidance and aid are limited. And so, I call to you, I ask you to watch over them when I can’t, I ask you to comfort them when I can’t, and I ask you to guide them through this. Let them feel the power of our Lord’s mercy, let them bathe in his healing light. Show them the way out of the darkness and bring them a blessed miracle.

Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to be.


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