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A Poor Clare Nun

A woman of God’s Presence…

Leading to God’s Presence all who are challenged in life,

And bringing God’s Presence closer to

those who seek to find him.

My journey to Omaha, Nebraska, from Houston, Texas, back in 2009, was not for the Poor Clare Nuns.  I did not even know the Poor Clares were here. I moved here and became a member of the Intercessors of the Lamb.  They were suppressed in 2010.  Most of us stayed together having been given permission by Archbishop Lucas, to start a new Community.  After six months, those of us who had been in initial formation with the Intercessors of the Lamb, were asked to leave.  We were running out of money and efforts to start a new Community was slow.  As time went on, people I met along the way trying to be helpful, were directing me to the Poor Clare Nuns.  After prayerful discernment, I realized it was the Holy Spirit, speaking through each person I met who was directing me to this Community.  God’s ways are mysterious! I thank Him each day for giving me the grace, during a difficult time, to remain calm and patient.  I trusted that the Lord, at the right time would lead me to the place of His choice – my journey’s end!


Mother Kathleen Hawkins, OSC



I was born in International Falls, Minnesota.  I worked for many years in the business world.  In the morning on my way to work, I would stop off and join the Poor Clare Nuns for morning prayer.  When I had the chance I would travel with one of the sisters from Minnesota and we would visit the Poor Clare Nuns in Omaha.  After taking some time off from work, I traveled around the world.  On my return, I realized I was most at peace praying with the Poor Clare Nuns.  I then discerned that God was calling me to a more contemplative life.  I then made an appointment for a “come and see weekend”.  Many years later, I still give thanks to Almighty God for my Poor Clare vocation.

Sister Virginia Hassing, OSC

I am the second child of nine children in my family.  Thanks be to God, six of us are still living.  I entered my contemplative Community at the early age of 16.  After 25 years of religious profession, I realized how precious my contemplative vocation is.  My vocation was based on St. Clare’s writing that our vocation is a great gift from God.  I cherish and love it and am always grateful to God for the grace of perseverance, and I have never regretted my choice despite the ups and downs of every day life.


Sister Mary Joseph Nyankindi, OSC


Originally, I am from Tanzania, East Africa.  My contemplative vocation started when I was in third grade when I heard about the lives of the Poor Clare sisters.  Their example of prayer and silence inspired my heart to desire to be like them.  I read many books about St. Clare and the Franciscan way of life.  After I finished school, a parish priest directed me to go to the Poor Clare Monastery in Mwanza and I entered there in l989.  I transferred to Omaha, NE in 2015, as a missionary. Praise the Lord I love my contemplative life as a Poor Clare Nun.

Sister Mary Anthony Assey, OSC

For a long time I was inspired by the many missionaries that were coming to my country of Tanzania.  Though I was already a contemplative cloistered Poor Clare Nun of many years, I felt in my heart that God was calling me to be a missionary.  Knowing that the Poor Clare’s were international, I prayed for a long time and God opened an opportunity for me to join the Poor Clare Nuns of Omaha.  Being a missionary in America has been rewarding, yet very challenging due to differences in language and culture.  I am learning and am very happy to serve Jesus here.  With Him everything is possible.


Sister Leticia Matolo, OSC


I was born in a very Catholic family.  My grandfather was the first catechist in my parish and my great uncle was a priest.   By the grace of God, my extended family has four Sisters in different congregations.  I chose the contemplative life of the Poor Clare Nuns.  I give thanks to God for the gift of my holy vocation.  With my whole heart, I strive to become holy.​​

Sr. Anna Stella Ingaiza, OSC

The hand of God was in all the twists and turns of my life.  In hindsight, I believe at age 7 He was calling me to the contemplative life, but I did not have many examples of religious life in which to follow and it was not clear to me.  After a failed marriage and a brief nursing career, I knew there was something so much more that God wanted to give me. A restlessness rooted in a sense that there was so much need for prayer and my deep love for souls moved me to courageously venture into the unknown.  The decision to seek God in a late vocation to enter the womb of the Monastery has been filled with abundant graces, the foremost being peace.  I have found TRUE LOVE!  Fiat Voluntas Tua!


Sr. Gina Marie Vincent, OSC


My name is Sr. Catherine Mboneko, and I was born in Uganda.  I joined the Ugandan Institute of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1983.  I took my First Vows December 8, 1986.  I thank the Lord that I was born and grew up in a practicing Christian family with parents who loved each other as “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”.  This love inspired me to consecrate my life to God.

All along I was asking God, if it be His Will to be a contemplative sister as a missionary Poor Clare.  God opened the door for me on January 14, 2023.  I became a novice with the Poor Clare Nuns on February 2, 2023, and received the name Sr. Catherine of the Blessed Sacrament, OSC.  I asked God to change my life and my heart to be conquered by Christ with the fruit of a deep and prolonged union with God in prayerful silence.

 I console myself with the thought and delight being a member of the Poor Clare Nuns of Omaha and enduring everything as God wills it.  I desire that God may set my heart on fire with his holy Love.

Sr. Catherine Mboneko, OSC.

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