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The Family in our society today is challenged in many ways: Illness, relationship problems, unemployment, drug, sex and child abuse, abortion, violence, spiritual, emotional and legal issues.


St. Joseph who was entrusted with the care of Jesus and his Mother Mary is the best person to go for the protection of your family, and the families of your friends.

The Poor Clare Nuns invite you to “GO TO ST. JOSEPH” and entrust yourself and your families to him!

  • Get one or two of the St. Joseph Bricks carefully arranged around the Statue of St. Joseph and Jesus.

  • Submit the name of the individual or family for each brick.

  • Each brick can have a maximum of 3 lines of text.

  • Each line has a maximum of 15 letters.

  • The cost of each brick is $250.

  • All individuals and families will be remembered at the daily Prayers to St. Joseph by the Poor Clare Nuns.


To purchase a brick, please contact Sister Kathy, OSC at or Galen Lewis at


St. Joseph Bricks - Online Purchase


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Thanks for your submission!

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