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Thank You! Omaha Gives

To our dear friends and benefactors

The Poor Clare Nuns of Omaha send you a happy and heartfelt THANK YOU!

For the support you have shown us by choosing to give to the Poor Clare Nuns of Omaha in this 2020 OMAHA GIVES!  THANK YOU!

You helped us to raise a total of $16,525 and took a stand for increase of vocations to our contemplative Franciscan Poor Clare life.  You took a stand for the need for Goad and to have God at the center of our lives in the Present Pandemic Situation and in all situations You took a stand for the need for prayer for suffering humanity in America and the whole World!  

BE ASSURED that we hold you all close to our hearts in prayer.  May this pandemic... "passover" soon to a New Pentacast for you and your families!

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