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Daily Prayer to Defeat the Coronavirus

U.S.A. National Prayer Day

Sunday March 15, 2020

Father God,

You are all-mighty and all-powerful,

You are all-knowing and all truth, all just, all forgiving, all provident, all loving.

Cast your eyes upon us, as we bend our knees and lift up our hands in prayer.

We are threatened by evil in the guise of a coronavirus

That weakens our unity, and throws us into confusion and seclusion,

Doubt, alienation, panic and fear of the storm!

There is no evil or harm that can happen in America and the whole world

That is beyond your power to control.

Open our eyes to see the source of evil, and what evil has done to our world.

Help us to recognize the players of evil, of fear, of injustice, of loss of lives.

Forgive us, Provident Father, and protect our families, our country and the world.

Calm the storm in our hearts; gather us around the table of your goodness;

Heal, and increase our strength and unity; bless and empower our leaders.

Let your Truth, and Justice prevail; embrace us in your Love and Peace!

Grant this in the Name of Jesus who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit.


Mother Theresina R. Santiago and the Poor Clare Nuns

In Omaha, Nebraska pray with you and for you!

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