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November 2017 Newsletter

100 Blue Balloons for Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the final Apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima on the 13th of October 1917, the Poor Clare Sisters organized a Rosary Rally in front of the Chapel of the Portiuncula on Friday the 13th of October 2017, at 9:30 in the morning.

Friends of the Poor Clare Sisters gathered to pray the Rosary together, and blue balloons were distributed. Sister Theresina explained that the purpose of the celebration is to offer thanksgiving to Our Lady of Fatima, to entrust to her the protection of unity and peace in America, the Church and the World; to implore her maternal intercession and care for our families, the guidance of children and teenagers, the perseverance of seminarians, the faithfulness of married couples, of priests and of those in consecrated life; and to lift up to her the personal intentions of those who have responded to join the Rosary Rally. Vocations to the Benedictine Abbey and the Poor Clare Monastery was among the special intentions.

As the Rosary started at 9:30 in the Monastery, a group of 30 students of Mount Michael High School led by Fr. John Hagemann, joined in from the school, and walked their way to the monastery praying the Rosary. Each of them received their blue balloon. After the Rosary, the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was recited, followed by the Song to Our Lady of Fatima. To conclude the celebration, the 100 blue balloons were released, bearing the thanksgiving, pledge, prayers and aspirations of each Child of Mary!

Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, pray for our Families…for America…pray for us!

Four Postulants Receive the Tau Cross

On the 11th of August 2017, the Eucharistic Celebration on the Solemn Feast of St. Clare included the giving of the Tau Cross to each of the four Postulants. It marked the beginning of their one year period of Postulancy, which precedes the Novitiate of two years.

Most Rev. Elden F. Curtiss, Archbishop Emeritus of Omaha was the Celebrant, assisted by Deacon Terry Ficenec. The monastery Bell of Peace rang at 8:55 to call everyone to worship. The Sisters sang the Canticle calling all of Creation and Peoples to “Bless the Lord!” as Archbishop Curtiss and Deacon Terry walked from the sacristy to the back of the Chapel for the entrance with the hymn: “With the Saints and Lights of Heaven”.

Sister Lydia Boodhu read Hosea 2:16, 17, 21-22. Sister Joseph sang the Responsorial Psalm 45: 11-12, 14-15, 16. Sister Virginia read 2 Corinthians 4:6-10, 16-18. Deacon Terry proclaimed the Gospel from John 15:4-10, followed by the inspiring homily of Archbishop Curtiss. After the Prayer of the Faithful led by Sister Kathleen, Sister Theresina called the four Postulants to come forward and read a passage from The Gospel Way of St. Clare:

“It is extremely important that the Postulant be a person of stability and maturity so she can choose with perfect liberty, a form of life in which, in her daily existence, she clings to Christ alone and is occupied with the affairs of heaven.” (#182) “The Virgin, indeed, any unmarried woman is concerned with the things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit” (1 Co 7:34).

Each Postulant was then called by name to approach Archbishop Curtiss to receive her Tau Cross: Sister Lydia from Korea, Sister Rizza from the Philippines, Sister Maria from Tanzania, and Sister Philomena from Nigeria. Sister Theresina remarked that while they have the Canticle of Creation of St. Francis outside the monastery building, they have the Canticle of the Nations of St. Clare inside.

At the Presentation of the Gifts, the Postulants, bearing the gifts, and the Professed Sisters went in procession to the altar dancing and singing a song in Swahili, they accompanied with drums. It certainly was a joyful surprise to the benefactors and friends, who appreciated to know more of the formation and life of the Poor Clare Sisters through the simple ceremony within the celebration of the Feast of their Holy Mother St. Clare.

Prayer & Faith “Ask and you shall receive…”

Dear Sisters, Thank you for your prayers for my daughter. She had a safe and healthy pregnancy and safe delivery! Kathleen

Dear Sister Theresina, I would like to let you know Dylan got the job he was wanting. Thank you for your prayers to help my son. Bless you, Amy

Dear Sister, Thank you so much for your time and prayer. The ultrasound of the baby showed a change for the positive. God bless you. Lucy

Dear Poor Clare Sisters, My daughter passed the exam. Please continue to pray for her safety, for good company all through her college years. Thanks very much for all your prayers for us. Louise

Dear Sisters, Thank you for your prayers for my Uncle Ed. He is home from the hospital and his surgery went well on his eye cancer. Now we pray for healing. Your prayers gave Uncle Ed strength! Thank you so much! Mary

In Loving Remembrance

The Poor Clare Sisters pray for your Beloved Departed

Muriel Beardslee

Yano & Anne Briganti

Wilma Bush

Alfonso Cabrera

Janet Cap

Russel R. Cappello

Joseph & Judy Cenouske

Francis Clash

Al & Patricia Cooper

Carmelo Nilo Cruz

Leo J. Czyz

Abraham Dash

Greg Deman

Roger Haney

Barbara Jondrain

Marion Kemp

Darlene Spies Kovar

Ray Lumanog

Benjamin Lynch

Ruth Manzon

Dorothy McGrath

August Monzu

Mike O’Kane

Armella Reding

Katie Ryan

Rose & Carl Salanitro

Teresa & Delfin C. Santiago

Bridget Sardo

William Soll

Freida A. Sullivan


The 2018 Prayer Calendar is already in the stage of printing at Printco Graphics here in Omaha. The Poor Clare Sisters and the members of the Advisory Council are grateful to all of you who have taken part in this important and necessary project by sponsoring a Month, a Sunday, and one or several Prayer Days. This project will support the living expenses of the Sisters, the maintenance of the monastery, and help to reduce the interest and principal of the loan incurred to complete the monastery construction. Larry Reding and his staff hope to have the calendars ready before Thanksgiving. Sponsors and donors may pick up their copies from the Poor Clare Monastery, Cosgrave’s, or Wheatfields. Those who wish to receive it by mail may contact Connie Cosentino, who chairs this project, at

The Poor Clare Sisters of Omaha are launching “Mother Earth Scents” before Christmas this year. The soap project that celebrates “Sister Mother Earth” in the Canticle of Creation of St. Francis, is handcrafted by the Benedictine Sisters of Clyde. They will be available at the two Christmas Concerts at Christ the King and St. Patrick Church in Gretna. The carefully and beautifully packaged soap bars will sell at $5.99 a piece or $15 for 3 pieces. The 3 initial scents for this year are: Lilac, Swiss Lavander, and Lily of the Valley. The bars make a special and pleasant gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or any other occasion!

Vegetable Box Project Brings Forth

Sean Matthew Bean, a Boy Scout of St. Wenceslaus School, committed himself to help the Poor Clare Sisters by constructing 6 vegetable boxes to complete the his Eagle Scout requirements. Each of the wooden boxes has the Logo of the Poor Clare Sisters of Omaha.

At present, Sean is at Skutt Catholic School. His Eagle Scout ceremony will take place on the 25th of November 2017 at 10:30 am at St. Wenceslaus. He was recently elected Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 408.

The Poor Clare Sisters are grateful to Sean, and will continue to pray for his protection and success in his studies.

You are the Living Stones building up this dwelling of God!

List of Donors from September 2016 to September 2017 Names of donors for the 2018 Prayer Calendar are printed in the calendar itself.

Praise to You, my Lord, through Brother Sun…through whom You give us light! BROTHER SUN $10,000 and above

John & Mary Fitzpatrick

Gerald P. Hansen

Ronald & Ruth Ann Popp

Sacred Heart Province, OFM

Patricia Wagner

Praise to You, my Lord, through Sister Moon and Stars…clear and precious and beautiful!

SISTER MOON AND STARS $5,000 - $9,999

James & Callista Ambrose

Larry & Diane Cochran

James & Mary Czyz

Jon & Bea Engel

Lanoha Nurseries Inc.

Robert & Monica Mylod

Dr. James & Marty Smith

Michael & Jayne Sturek

Jim & Margaret A. Timmerman

Praise to You, my Lord, through Brother Wind…the air and every other kind of weather through whom You give sustenance to your creatures!

BROTHER WIND $1,000 - $4,999


Robert & Marcy Anderson

Al & Mary Avila

Lavern L. Bush

Jean L. Carrica

Michael & Betty Cosentino

Dr. Peter & Loreta DeMarco

Mike & Mary Egger

Adelaide Erftmier

Paul & Bernadette Esposito

Grant & Sharon Hrabovsky

Carol Mylod King

Rod & Carol Lang

Elaine M. Martin

*Dr. Phil Maschka

Beverly J. McCarthy

Tony & Carmen Messineo

*Dr. John Pantalone

Mary T Brauch Petersen

Larry & Patricia Reding

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Paula Spanke

Praise to You, my Lord, through Sister Water, who is very useful, humble, precious and chaste!

SISTER WATER $500 - $999.00 James M. Boeckman, Jr.

Daniel & Nora. Chesire

Carm Cosentino

Connie Cosentino

+Dr. Jeff Deeths

Marvin & Lynette Dvorak

John & Tracy Finocchiaro

Anne M. Fitzpatrick

Barbara A. Gobel

Walter & Lynette Gras

*Dr. Gerald Haney, RIP

Tom & Joan Heafey

Tom & Rita Hejkal

Leo & Rita Higgins

Julie Holst

*Dr. David Hoover

*Dr. Kort Igel

David Johnson

Dennis & Darlene Koley

Juliann S. Krejci

LaRue Coffee Charitable Foundation

Mary & Galen Lewis

Bernie & Peg Lorkovic

*Mrs. Colleen Lynch

Edward Manning

Blaise & Carla Martinick

Theresa C. Meyers

Scott & Wendy Moore

Jeff & Claire Ossino

William R. Peters

Marylynn Plevniak

Henry & Joann Rieden

John & Stefani Turco

Nancy J. Tyson

Donald & Jancie Vap

Alexander Villaruz

Matt & Kelly Walker

Greg & Maru Whitmore

Praise be to You, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom You light the night; he is playful, robust and strong!

BROTHER FIRE $100.00 - $499.00

Karen Amstuz

Josephine F Bauer

Charles Beal

+Dr. Joel Bessmer

John R. Blumel

*Dr. Terry Bolamperti

Joe & Mary Bonnet

Stephen C. Bosiljevac

Margie Boyer

Diane Brady

*Dr. Gerald Brundo

*Dr. Jerry Buresh

Robert & Cathy Burkhard

*Dr. Tom Cavel

James & Joan Chambers

John K. Chedester

James & Barbara Cheney

Caridad Ranara Ching

Colleen Cochrane

*Dr. Al Coco

Dick & Mary Jo Coffey

*Dr. Steve Coffey, Sr.

Comper Care & Rehab Inc.

+Dr. Tom Connolly

*Dr. Kelly Conway

Patrick & Mary Corrigan

Roger & Susan Cote

Patrick A. & Terri Cronican, Jr.

Abelardo & Monina Cruz

Mary Alice Daly

Zach & Lisa Daub

Todd & Geri Dawson

Michael Dawson

*Dr. David Dean

Marynell Devaughn

*Dr. Frank Driscoll

*Dr. Marv Dvorak

*Dr. Tom Fangman

Theresa Farnan

Deacon Terry & Karen Ficenec

*Dr. Rich Fitzgerald

Joseph A. Freivald

*Dr. Jim Gerner

*Dr. Roger Gerstner

Michael & Tamara Giitter

Joseph & Mildred Gill

John & Margaret Gordon

Allen & Kelly Gould

Anthony & Catherine Greise

Michael & Kathleen Gross

Mary Gruttemeyer

H.C. Hall

Bea C. Haney, OFS

Matthew Hardebeck

*Dr. Ben Hardy

David and Bette Harken

Albert F. Harris, Jr.

Frances Held

Ronald & Carol Henn

Dr. Ralph Herrman, D.D.S.

*Dr. Len Higgins

*Dr. Mike Hoover

Larry Horacek

Clare L. Horning

*Dr. Jim Huerter

*Dr. Tom Huerter

*Dr. Don Igel

Paul & Peg Jaworski

Joseph & Rita Kessler

Scott & Amy Kinkaid

Ramon & Lucille Koubek

*Dr. John Krager

Karen J. Kraus

*Dr. Harold Kreski

Anthony J. & Martha L. Krings

Michael & Susan Lawler

Sheri Leaders

Greg & Stacey Lickteig

William & Lesa Lindsay

*Drs. Longo and Dietz

Deacon Stephen & Angie Luna

Katherine M. Mainzer

Rick A. March

Tom Mayhan

Duane & Mary McAndrews

Catherine McDermott

Judith McEvoy

Nancy R. McGill

*Rev. Eldon McKamy

+Dr. Dan McKinney

Mary Ellen McNulty

Thomas & Linda Mertz

John and Anna Lois Micek

Midlands Business Journal

*Dr. Dave Millea